RE: Campbell Mayor requesting High Court to Uphold Firing

Dear Editor,

I can say I read with astonishment and disbelief that the Mayor of Campbell would go to this extreme to fire someone, in my opinion, with no justification for such.

As a resident of the city and one who attends meetings, I remember back in October when Mr. Jackson was hired. I find it interesting that at the time of Mr. Jackson’s appointment for the position at the water department, not one single council member made any sort of reference to it at any meeting and that included Mr. VanSuch whom at that time was Council President. It would seem to me that he should have raised a question then.

Looking back prior to the appointment of Mr. Jackson, when the Law Director for the city was asked to give his legal opinion on Civil Service exams. He stated in his legal opinion,  he see’s no mandatory requirement under Ohio law that a list must be maintained if the municipality is not hiring or has, for example, imposed a hiring freeze. He also goes on to recite Ohio Revised code section 124.30 which states in the event that there are urgent reasons for filling a vacancy in any position in the classified service and the Director is unable to certify to that appointing authority a list of eligible persons for the appointment the appointing authority may fill the position by non-competitive examination.

And due to the fact that our Current Mayor was one of those who gladly sponsored legislation on a hiring freeze knew that Mr. Jackson could fill that vacancy without the exam. Therefore the Civil Service Exam that he requested was waste of tax payer money, and not mandatory.

To the best of my knowledge Mr. Jackson has performed his duties extremely well, been a model employee, passed all EPA requirements and Certification, but yet is under attack from the current Mayor? It is also my understanding that the cost of training Mr. Jackson for his position is approx. between $5,000 and $ 7,000.So we’re going to spend that again to train someone else, because he didn’t pass the unnecessary and questionable exam?

I also find it interesting that this Mayor has also filled a full time position for meter reader (I don’t know if it is a temporary appointment or not) with another candidate who also failed the civil service exams! This whole thing to me is nothing more than a political grudge against the former City Administrator, (whom this Mayor also fired) and unfortunately now Mr. Jackson also has to deal with this injustice along with dealing with the loss of his wife to cancer and is raising 2 young children on his own. To me this is the most dishonorable act and shows complete lack of compassion. And to rush to fire him before October when his probationary period is completed, is something to remember come the September primary.

In closing my only other thought on this issue is. This is Politics at its lowest, and any elected official who condones the firing of Mr. Jackson, who is the sole provider for his young children, and has an excellent job record, and meets all EPA requirements and certifications, is not representing your constituents, and is heartless as well as ruthless.

Chris Grachanin