Scouts excel at Order of the Arrow


ORDER OF THE ARROW: A.J. Gioglio (left) and Evan John (right) shake hands after being recognized at Scouting’s annual Order of the Arrow Winter Banquet. Evan received the Arrowman of the Year award and Gioglio received the Stewards of the Shadow award.

Bob Granchie – Scouting 101

Bob Granchie

Bob Granchie

If there’s one thing that I love more than food it’s the ability to brag about our Scouts. OK, OK – maybe it’s not “more than,” but it’s at least equal to my love for food. You’re right, I will admit that I can’t think of anything other than my faith that I love more than feeding my face. And I thank God that he gave me a mouth big enough so that it doesn’t impede any substantial substance from entering it. For this, there is cause for rejoicing.

But anyway, back to my love of bragging. Two of our Scouts really excelled this past month within the ranks of the O.A. (Order of the Arrow). The O.A. is an organization within the Boy Scouts of America that acts as its “National Honor Society.” There are over 180,000 members in the O.A. nationwide. (Quite a whole bunch more worldwide, if one does the math, but we’ll just focus on here in the U.S. since I’m not good with huge numbers.) At its annual Winter Banquet, the Wapashuwi Lodge (named after an American Indian) bestowed upon its ranks some very prestigious honors. Among those being recognized were two members of our own Troop 101. The Stewards of the Shadow award was given to A.J. Gioglio for his extensive work behind the scenes. (Kind of explains the reasoning of the award’s name (pretty slick, huh?). A.J. is currently attending Mount Union and is a member of its track team. Congratulations to Mr. Gioglio on this achievement, and we all wish him well in his future scholastic and Scouting endeavors.

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